What We Offer:


Competency Building & Coaching

  • We are committed to help clients by assuring long-term success and effectiveness with compliance and regulatory requirements by complimenting the training programs for all levels of an organization from senior executives to bench chemists and manufacturing operators. Training programs are customized to meet your requirements.
  • We divide the teams into L1 / L2/ L3 categories based on their role and responsibility.
  • Specific training programs will be designed to enhance their knowledge.
  • In addition to classroom training, we prefer to have on-job-trainings, especially on investigations/ self-audits.
  • Specific focus on cGMP training for manufacturing and laboratory personnel, Integrity of Records and Data, Risk-Based GMP Inspections, FDA Pre-Approval Inspections,
  • Training program on how to Interact with the Investigator and any specific program based on the need.
  • Specific training programs to the team based on the error categories.

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