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IDEA doesn’t show you .class files, but if you are curious where they are, open the menu File | Project Structure to see the folder where the compiler’s output goes. When a program is written, tested, does what it supposed to do (e.g. print Hello World), and if you want to give it to your friends you’ll need to give only compiled .class files. They don’t need source code of your program, but they do need the JRE (not JDK) installed on their computer.

6. Project: Adding Events Handling For Calculator

In IDEA, your Java applications will be located in separate projects. As you’ve probably guessed, you’ll need to select the option Create New Project on the Welcome screen. Then IDEA will ask you about the type of the project you want to create. There are two version of IDEA IDE – Ultimate and Community. The Ultimate version is not free, but it has additional features useful for developing enterprise applications.

The phrase to implement a method simply means to write code in a method. Starting from Java 8 you can also program behavior in so called lambda expressions covered later in this chapter. You must declare the size of the array before assigning values to its elements. If you do not know in advance how many elements you are going to have, you cannot use arrays, but you should look into other classes – Java collections. For example the ArrayList object does not require you to announce the exact number of elements in advance.

The process of building actual games based on this description in the game factory is similar to the process of creating instances of PlayStation4 objects in Java. For example, the next code sample creates one instance of the class PlayStation4 and calls its method shareOnFacebook. A Java program can consist of several classes, and each class may include methods.

We separated the declaration of the behavior and its implementation. The behavior is declared in the interface, and if more than one class needs to implement ArithmeticOperation, we’ll reuse this interface. The anonymous classes allowed me to create a wrapper object around the method performOperation, java книги so this object could be passed as an argument to the method calculate. In the next section I’ll rewrite this calculator again in a more elegant way with lambda expressions. The method isSummer uses the class LocalTime to get Month, which has a data type enum that I haven’t used so far.

You’ll then move on to exploring the basics of functional programming while getting used to thinking recursively. Packed with plenty of examples along the way, this book will help you grasp each concept easily.

It’s a special data type to represent a fixed number of some values, like months in this case. There are only 12 months, and Java Date and Time API listed them by name in the enum called Month. The only values that are allowed here are Month.JANUARY to Month.DECEMBER. Using enums makes the programs more readable – it’s easier to deal with months by names than by numbers.

For example, a class Game can have the methods startGame, stopGame, readScore, and so on. But only one class in the application will have the method main. The keyword static means that you don’t have to create an instance of the HelloWorld object in memory to use this method.

But this book is about learning the basics of Java programming so using the free Community edition is all we will need. Typically, each file of your application contains the code of one class.

  • Finally, we’ll write the code in the methods process_key_Down and process_key_Up to move the kid’s paddle vertically.
  • To update the position of the kid’s paddle on the GUI we’ll use data binding explained in Chapter 8.
  • Learn to write maintainable, high-performing JVM and Android applications, create DSLs, program asynchronously, and much more.
  • The new version of the controller will use the @FXML annotations to inject the references to the GUI components.

While this book is written for 12+ year old kids, adults looking for an easy intro to Java may find this book useful as well. In the book you’ll be using the same tools used by professional programmers. java книги As a bonus, the last chapter will teach you how to publish your code on the Web on a super popular site called GitHub. Millions of programmers share their programs there and you should too.

We’ll talk about classes and object instances in the next chapter. After all syntax errors are fixed, compiler automatically creates the HelloWorld.class when you save the code.

Each primitive data type has a corresponding wrapper class, for example Integer, Double, Boolean, etc. These classes also can store the values of the corresponding primitive type, but also have useful methods to convert data from one type to another. The factory description of PlayStation4 relates to an actual game the same way as a Java class relates to its instance in memory.

This book is intended for an object-oriented course in data structures and algorithms. The implementationlanguage is Java, and it is assumed that students have taken a first course in programming, not necessarilyin Java.

I’ll show you some examples of using the ArrayList collection in Chapter 10 about data collections. This class will need a method main to become a runnable program (the class Pet didn’t have one). Remember from Chapter 2, typing psvm followed by the Tab key will quickly create the method main. We’ll place the code communicating with the class Pet inside the method main. How do you decide if a method should or should not return a value?

If a method performs some data manipulations and has to give the result of these manipulations back to the calling class, it has to return a value. You may say that the class Pet does not have any calling class!

Now we have the class HelloWorld with an empty method main. To run a Java class as a program, this class must have a method called main. Usually your applications will have many classes, but only one of them will have the method main. This class becomes the entry point in your application.

java книги

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