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Stunning Samoan Terms and conditions you to definitely refer to Strength

Stunning Samoan Terms and conditions you to definitely refer to Strength

4. Tausala [tau’s??l?]

For those who take a look at Google Change and you may tausala nevertheless appears because definition ‘guilty’ it’s because Google infers translations out-of every files they will find on the web, along with certain scriptural messages, the expression ‘accusation’ could have been interpreted while the tausala.

Why? Tau (regarding keyword taumafai) often means to carry out or even to was, and you can fa’asala method for penalize. Obtain it? ‘You will need to punish’ will be one other way of saying ‘accuse’.

Anyhow, ‘guitly’ is probably a legitimate interpretation, but nobody’s told Google but really that all Samoans use the term tausala to mention so you’re able to a beautiful girl…which will be because the title Tausala might have been provided to loads from beauty pageants and you can a form of Samoan fundraising hobby you to involves dancing for cash (when you look at the an excellent, family members brand of way).

The actual meaning of tausala, yet not, is a bit even more specific. Inside our loved ones leaders formations, you will find higher chiefs (matai ali’i) and you can talking chiefs (tulafale) and various other chiefs, who will be typically males.

The highest ranks females in this framework is actually our very own taupou. She holds an equivalent status because the our matai ali’i, and pursuing the bestowal out-of the woman term, i consider the woman once the an effective tausala – an entitled girl – of one’s village.

These days, a whole lot more female receive ali’i and tulafale headings also. I’d believe that lady having any type of mainly term is always to in addition to, rightfully feel called tausala.

Technially, tausala as well as refers to power from New OrleansLA escort the expert one to an effective titled female features (one more reason to love one to phrase). Conditions more instantly conjure the picture of energy and strength include:

5. Toa [‘to?]

I’m along these lines word got most well-known just after Gem and you may Vaniah Toloa released so it gorgeous tribute on Manu Samoa football team, O oe o le Toa.

The newest song compares the team so you’re able to soldiers about to enter into competition, and indeed, toa setting warrior or hero, but it also makes reference to almost every other conditions linked to a male sort of power.

Ironwood is a type of label for many woods otherwise flowers you to possess a credibility to possess stiffness or. . .a solid wood occurrence that is heavy than simply liquid…

six. Mamana [m?’m??n?]

One-word that really fascinates me was mana, and that, when you look at the Samoan, means power… but not just any kind. When we discuss mana, we have been constantly speaing frankly about an excellent divine stamina, the sort one grows trees, motions the ocean and you may cause life. When we’re confronted with a challenge, we are able to call on mana about air, draw into mana your forefathers or perhaps be filled up with mana regarding deep within our souls.

Just what fascinates me personally very would be the fact mana – using this same definition – appears inside dialects all around the Pacific… and you will someday, I would like to decide as to why.

At the same time, if you’re mana is a wonderful word, as it is part of too many countries, We tune in to it every where. It has become a little more-utilized. But mamana, the adjective mode, is less frequent and you will, if you ask me, merely audio significantly more Samoan.

My mom states one within her feel, mamana – otherwise strong – is frequently regularly determine Goodness, as with new sentence:

Breathtaking Samoan Words that come regarding Characteristics

I do believe every code saves a few of the prettiest group of terminology to spell it out the wonder utilized in nature. My favourites is the Samoan of those :).

eight. Vaito’a [vai’to??a]

Vai is the Samoan keyword to possess h2o and to’a – having a good glottal stop anywhere between its vowel songs – function relaxed… nonetheless… if not, frozen. Vaito’a can be relate to a body from however drinking water, such as a lake otherwise a lake, nevertheless also can suggest ice.

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